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Fire/Water/Pest Proof
Aircrete Dome


Community. Art. Sustainability.

At Yum Arts Collective we believe that the power lies in the collective, rather than the individual. A group of people working towards a shared goal can truly create magic out of thin air. We know this to be true because we've witnessed it time and time again through our business and life. We created Beakertopia to show that alternative lifestyles are indeed possible and can actually flow beautifully. We hope to inspire others to break out of the square boxes that society puts you in from the moment you enter this world. Beakertopia is a beautiful 2.3 acre piece of land in Bon Secour, AL that we purchased in 2020 to explore sustainability, alternative building methods, and permaculture. Due to the seasonal nature of this region we're able to devote half the year to our business and half the year to our land which allows for a symbiotic relationship as the 2 to serve one another simultaneously.

Our intention for this artist community is to bring like-minded people together and make the world a more beautiful place. It serves as our primary residence and also residence for seasonal workers&traveling artists when they come here. Every year we have the opportunity to employ about a dozen people to work with us during the tourist season, from March-October. Aside from our local employees, we also wanted to create a comfortable space that would allow for fellow travelers to join our crew. Beakertopia provides the possibility for friends from around the world to come live and work. We currently have space for 6 people, if you're interested in joining our work exchange please feel free to reach out via email.

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