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Published Books

Our illustrator Jason Kolano has three books out and is currently illustrating his fourth.

Check back here for updates! Please reach out to us at for pricing if you're interested in hiring an illustrator for a book project. We would love to work with you to bring your ideas to life!

Misbehaving Clocks is the first children's book Jason illustrated, a fun tale of some mischievous clocks adventures through downtown London. With its rhyming verse and vibrant illustrations full of visual puns and spoofs, Misbehaving Clocks will delight readers of all ages. It comes with a free audio download at  so you can enjoy listening to the music and story while marveling at the incredible drawings!       

Head on over to our online store to order your copy today --->

Buddha on a Bull    is the second book Jason illustrated, a deeply profound spiritual text.     In this book, Elena takes you on a journey that reveals her real-life experiences of the search for enlightenment and shares invaluable, practical guidance resulting from the magic and the misery of it all. The writing is simplicity itself, in her unique enjoyable voice, she speaks to her readers as an equal, without the rarified air of a teacher, daring them to let go of everything they think they know about seeking, about enlightenment, and about who they really are. Elena takes all of the many experiences one can have on this journey, distills them down to their essence in eminently readable form, offered like a wrapped gift. Accessible and beautifully devoid of non-dual BS.

Buddha on a Bull is available on Amazon and you can visit for more information on this project.

Head on over to our online store to order a copy today --->

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