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Looking for the perfect way to propose to your beloved? Look no further! A custom piece of art to ask the big question with is a completely unique and unforgettable option. If you are local to the Gulf Coast, we can draw this live in person as in the video above. If not, we can draw an engagement scence from your photos.

Engagement Artwork

SKU: 21554345656
  • Please email us as much as possible about the subject. We love to see all the pictures, videos, and stories to get an idea of the personality and unique characteristics of you. Pictures should be clear, well lit, and high resolution. Quality pictures of the subject are crucial. Photos that are very small, too dark, or blurry are useless when trying to draw a likeness. Also if the subject is frowning or has no expression, the resulting art will reflect that. Our drawing is based off of what you send us!

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